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Spend & Data Analysis

Driving Progress Through a Data-led Baseline

Choosing the right path forward is never an exact science. With Windsor Group’s comprehensive IT data and spend analysis, however, CIO’s and Sourcing Managers can base their decisions on sound and informed insight. We are focused on understanding each client’s unique requirements before designing a potential solution, leveraging readily available data to form a solid IT service baseline. The result? Evidence-based IT service delivery models that drive cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Data Collection & Analysis

Redefining IT operations begins with knowing the starting point. Our IT spend and data analysis team collects and organizes readily available organizational, financial and technical data to establish a detailed understanding of current IT services and cost. By mapping data inputs for resources, spend, infrastructure, applications and data centers, our IT spend and data analysis expert establishes a clear foundation to identify improvements.

Customized Dashboards

To drive evidence-based decision-making, we build customized, organization-specific, custom business dashboards. Detailing both qualitative and quantitative data, our dashboards show IT service cost and output including service levels, enterprise unit expense, staffing levels and productivity metrics. These custom business dashboards help measure the effects of action over time, provide insight into retained and residual costs, and directly inform how opportunities are assessed.
What We Deliver
Windsor Group’s IT spend and data analysis experts establish a clear baseline that is central to determining opportunities for IT service transformation.

Current State Analysis

IT Service Profile (ITP℠)

IT Service Expense Dashboard (ITX℠)

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