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Vaccine for Humans, But What’s the Plan for Business? Digital Transformation and Sourcing - Industry Experts Weigh In.

Join moderator Julia Davis, CIO of R1 RCM, along with a panel of industry leaders, including Brian Klingbeil, Chief Strategy Officer of Ensono, Simon Walsh CEO of NTT Ltd. Americas, and Ricky Caplin CEO of HLS, Tech Mahindra as they discuss changes and trends in supply and demand, growth opportunities in a super digital economy, transformations outside tech, & more.

If you’re running a mainframe, you’ll want to watch this webinar. Our mainframe experts can help you construct a story that defends your strategy and baselines your costs. In this webinar, learn about present alternatives to mainframes, benefits, and issues that cover reducing costs, improving services, minimizing risks, and advantages of new mainframe services

Deciding to source your IT affects so many parts of the business, including staff, budgets, risk, compliance, and the future direction of your IT organization. Windsor Group knows this, so we have created an on-demand webinar to give you all the facts before you invest your money down the wrong path.