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Business Process Outsourcing Service


Traditional IT operating models no longer cut it in today’s business environment. While relying solely on internal resources was once considered best practice, such a set-up today means excessive overheads, slower delivery, and an inability to drive strategic efforts.

Windsor Group gives IT leaders the power to do more with less. Our sourcing advisory and business process outsourcing service experts collaborate closely with organizations to help transform IT service areas into modern, agile functions helmed by industry-leading service providers. Our proven sourcing approach enables enterprises to leverage best-practice solutions to scale beyond current constraints, deliver at pace and accelerate technology-driven business transformation.

Business Applications & Application Management Services (AMS)

Business application systems are critical to business functionality, and sub-par delivery and maintenance compromises business performance. We work with clients to overcome these challenges by determining the solutions that deliver greater cost and operating efficiencies, and that drive improved performance, innovation and growth.

Covering the full scope of applications, including Software-as-a-Service platforms, enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) systems and more, our tailored business process outsourcing service recommendations align IT solutions with strategic business objectives. With radically efficient application systems and management in place, our clients are free to focus on the strategic initiatives that drive continuous business transformation.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Global Business Services (GBS)

Incredible advances in technology are transforming business processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a key driver of this change, allowing for faster processing, decreased error rates, better customer service, and increased visibility.

Windsor Group helps clients identify the service providers with the right capabilities and industry expertise to transform front- and back-office processes into lean, efficient, and agile operations. Our business process outsourcing (BPO) consulting services connect clients to the innovative partners and solutions that align with business objectives, enabling greater efficiencies, productivity, and value delivery.

Data Center Facilities & Disaster Recovery Consulting

Today’s CIOs recognize there is a magnitude of risk involved in owning and managing data centers. With many alternatives in the marketplace offering highly specialized capabilities at a lower cost, outsourcing the function offers greater efficiencies while drastically reducing the risk.

Whether outsourcing in whole or augmenting existing data center facilities with routine monitoring, backup and support, Windsor Group can find the right partner to transform data center management into a cost-effective value driver. Our data center & disaster recovery consulting services gives organizations a clear roadmap to transformation that minimizes potential threats and enhances business productivity and performance.

Network & Security Managed Services

Optimizing an enterprise’s network and protecting it from risks can be resource intensive. Yet organizations that lack the skills or capacity to carry out these vital functions are exposing themselves to competitive and operational threats. Managed network and security services, however, can lower costs, reduce complexity, and offer round-the-clock monitoring to mitigate this exposure.

Windsor Group evaluates network support services and identifies the managed service offerings that improve operational efficiency, network quality and asset utilization. Similarly we determine the ideal managed security service providers that offer optimal monitoring, management, and support for threat protection. With improved quality of service, speed of delivery and cost efficiencies, our clients can achieve optimal profitability and business continuity.

Servers & Storage

With technology driving the proliferation of storage and server offerings, today’s enterprises have more opportunities than ever to adopt a highly efficient, cost-effective solution that aligns with the organization’s digital business strategy.

Whether implementing a simple data storage plan or transitioning completely to cloud-based infrastructures, Windsor Group works with clients to help streamline current processes and adopt innovative models. We assess the current infrastructure and evaluate outsourcing server management opportunities to define the solutions that allow for optimized product delivery and profitability.

End-User Support

End-users today are technologically savvy and time poor. They expect to access applications, data and communication tools on any device, and if a problem arises, they demand fast, efficient and reliable support.

Windsor Group evaluates end-user device deployment and support services and identifies opportunities for improved cost and operational efficiencies. We determine the best-fit solutions that are device, carrier and data-source agnostic, helping clients achieve sustainable business improvements.
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Our sourcing advisory and business process outsourcing experts work collaboratively with clients to engage key decision makers and build a compelling business case for radically efficient IT service delivery models.

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