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Updated by Charles Bystock on 09/28/2023
it outsourcing

When it comes to IT outsourcing, separating fact from fiction is often difficult. Partnering with a poor provider can be disastrous for your company, but missing out on the benefits of IT outsourcing can set you behind competitors who are already taking advantage of the rewards.

How do you know what to believe about IT outsourcing? Below are four common myths — and how to avoid the providers who perpetuate them.

Myth #1: IT outsourcing means you’ll lose control

While many believe outsourcing requires you to give up control on valuable aspects of your business or operations, this simply is not true.

To develop a secure outsourcing partnership, consider core vs. non-core tasks. Non-core tasks are not crucial to business development, processes, or innovations. They are the least valuable for internal staff to work on but often most valuable and least risky to outsource. Outsourcing non-core tasks like maintenance or upkeep processes allows you to keep core activities carefully maintained in-house and frees up time for your internal team to focus on the most important business initiatives.

Consider your relationship with your outsourcing provider (or potential provider). It should be a working partnership, not a complete transfer of power. As you assess potential providers, look for a good cultural fit and strong governance practices. Creating clear ownership and communication from the beginning will allow you to develop a stable relationship.

Myth #2: IT outsourcing causes communication issues

This is a commonly perpetuated myth, but the truth is outsourcing isn’t the problem. Rather, poor IT provider fit is generally the cause of communication issues.

These types of communication issues can be avoided by working with a trusted partner, which means you must address communication and cultural standards from the beginning. Look for an IT outsourcing provider who demonstrates a strong cultural and operational fit before partnering with them.

Too many organizations consider IT outsourcing a “quick fix” until they can find a permanent solution. Instead, reduce communication issues by thinking of outsourcing as a long-term partnership. By properly hiring and onboarding your outsourcing team from the beginning, you can save yourself from communication issues down the line and cement a valuable partner for your company.

it security

Myth #3: Outsourcing decreases your IT security/privacy

On the contrary, with the rise of cybersecurity attacks since 2020, business leaders are increasingly turning to IT outsourcing as a security measure.

With 77% of IT leaders saying they see cyberattacks more frequently in recent years, 83% are considering a switch to a managed service provider (MSP) for daily security operations. This is in part because existing cybersecurity tools aren’t always expansive enough to protect against increased threats. IT outsourcing can provide the resources and expertise that typically is difficult to find or maintain in-house.

For example, IT outsourcing allows teams to:

  • Implement advanced vulnerability scanning.
  • Use increased threat intelligence.
  • Increase security measures at a lower cost.
  • Implement and maintain increased digital security for remote workforces.

As workplaces continue to become more distributed and cloud-based, an IT outsourcing provider can help you develop, implement, and maintain increased security for all your digital assets.

it outsourcing cost

Myth #4: Outsourcing is all about cost savings

While cost savings can be a major factor when deciding to outsource, outsourcing IT in the manufacturing industry has many other benefits. Ultimately, an outsourcing provider should be a partner who also offers technical and business insight, clear communication, and increased efficiency for your company.

As the manufacturing industry continues its rapid digital transformation, IT outsourcing is becoming more about “the ability to access talent at scale and speed,” rather than simply finding the cheapest option. For example, IT outsourcing can also provide:

  • Top talent at scale
  • Access to IT best practices and advanced IT resources and software
  • The ability to digitally transform quickly and keep up or outpace competitors
  • Increased security for a digital world
  • Enhanced IT innovation

As you can see, many common beliefs about IT outsourcing — poor communication and control, cheap and low-quality services, or decreased security — simply are not true. Outsourcing your IT can provide cost savings along with increased security, innovation, and talent, allowing your organization to digitally transform at scale and lessen your digital risk.

To learn how IT outsourcing can help you achieve your business objectives, contact an expert from the Windsor Group for support in finding a high-quality, low-risk provider who can aid your digital transformation. Ask about the Windsor Group’s industry-unique engagement model.